About Us

Founded in 1964. The Evangelical Bible College of Malawi (EBCoM) was established with the aim of training Christian men and women in the knowledge of the Lord and of the Scriptures, together with other relevant subjects, with a view to providing suitable leaders and workers for the Christian Church.

The community at EBCoM, formed of both staff and students, is interdenominational and international. The College is committed to training people to serve in different churches and Christian ministries both in Malawi and neighboring countries.

Vision Statement

To be a leading interdenominational Evangelical Bible College in Malawi and beyond.

Mission Statement

The mission of the college is to train men and women in the knowledge of the Lord and of the Scriptures, together with other relevant subjects, with a view to providing suitable leaders and workers for the Christian church and society.


Transforming and Equipping People Passionate about Jesus Christ to impact the Church and the World, in short (Passionately Transforming and Equipping)


  1. Provide training through a curriculum that is culturally relevant and equips graduates to be able to minister the ongoing needs of the Church and society in Malawi and its neighbouring nations.
  2. Produce graduates who have a knowledge of the Bible and related subjects that will be a foundation for their ministry and enable them to teach others.
  3. Produce graduates who are concerned with reaching the unsaved with the Gospel, and motivated and enabled to take positive action in evangelizing, discipling, Church planting, and Church growth.
  4. Provide the means for the spiritual, mental, and physical health and development of the students as well as maintain an ongoing relationship with graduates.

Over the years, hundreds of students have been trained at EBCoM. EBCoM graduates may be found throughout the churches in Malawi and Mozambique, many in leadership roles.

Core Values

The following five values are important to EBCoM:

E - “Evangel Minded” Minded.

Evangel denotes the gospel or the good news of the kingdom of God and of salvation. We are committed to the divine mandate to declare the whole gospel of reconciliation to the world believing that the gospel effectively communicated to make sense within the cultural context is God’s vehicle that brings people to faith. The word “evangelical” has its own root in evangel.

B – Building up Christian leaders and their families in Biblical content, Character and Competence.

These three components are crucial to any Christian leadership formation without which ministry is reduced to just a religious activity. Thus, we seek to equip Christian leaders to think biblically, pursue godliness and do God’s work with God’s given capacities.

C – Community Transformation.

We are committed to transformational teaching in order to equip leaders who will build transformed people and communities. We shape leaders to shape their world for Christ.

O – Oneness in Ministry.

We strive for the unity of the spirit and seek to live and work in an environment characterized by tolerance, sensitivity, and openness in order to create a strong community life among faculty, staff and students. Unity within EBCoMs’ multi-ethnic, multicultural, and multinational community is essentially crucial for the accomplishment of the college’s purpose of existence.

M – Making Ministers of God.

The word “minister” means “servant”. We are committed to developing servant leaders who will serve God’s people and not lord over them. The whole essence of Jesus’ leadership and in fact, his life was to serve and he unselfishly gave himself to this goal, and his life culminated in death on the cross. He humbly and sacrificially served unto death and we desire to produce ministers like him.



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